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International Trading

Wraith Capital Group provides trading services between Australia and New Zealand for companies looking to expand into China. We, with our deep connections into Private, Public and Government Companies, can help Australian or New Zealand based businesses expand their products or services into the Asian market.

Many domestic manufacturers and retailers make the common mistake of entering China without having adequate on-ground knowledge, contacts and support. We can make this a simple task for businesses, assisted by our Chinese market team, which has personnel who are on the ground in China on a monthly basis, in addition to our existing partners who are permanently based in China.

We can also help domestic manufacturers and retailers reach large online retail sellers in Asia and help them become a preferred Chinese supplier of real products. This help can also include assistance with customs clearances and Chinese endorsed real product codes.

We also have deep connections with many Chinese investment funds and can help provide Asian growth capital to businesses looking to grow internationally.


We help grow great companies with lasting value.