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Property Development

1st Mortgagee funding

Wraith Capital Group can provide funding through our own balance sheet or through our network of providers to help partners secure funding for developments that we choose to participate in. We can also assist and support companies to prepare their funding request, and present this request to numerous debt providers to then source and secure the most advantageous deal for them.


2nd Mortgagee funding

Wraith Capital Group can provide funding sources to help our partners secure mezzanine funding for developments that we choose to participate in. This can be useful for those looking to decrease their equity investment in a project, and those who are prepared to pay a higher interest for a shorter period of time.


Project Management

Wraith Capital Group can provide full property and construction project management services for those without the expertise in this field, those that have multiple sites or those that are time poor. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Site identification;
  • Identifying new ventures to invest into;
  • Assisting with contract/deal negotiations;
  • Initial project feasibilities;
  • Engagement and management of various consultants;
  • Project co-ordination (including all reporting, securing debt funding, arranging pre-marketing and selling agents, design documentation, construction tendering, project delivery) through to the completion of the project; and
  • Management of the defects and liabilities period.


Joint Ventures

Wraith Capital Group can provide equity to Joint Ventures to develop both commercial and residential projects. We can assist with all verticals in the capital structure and can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Wraith Capital Group can also be a passive partner ensuring that effective reporting and governance is structured from day one.

Wraith Capital Group is currently interested in acquiring equity positions ranging from 10% to 70% in available projects.


Sale of Projects

Wraith Capital Group is interested in acquiring and/or investing into new developments throughout Australia and New Zealand in the commercial and residential sectors.


We help grow great companies with lasting value.